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Utah High School Football

Officials Association 


Foul Report Instructions

  • Print off 2 copies of the foul report. Use the link above.

  • Contact the referee assigned to your game, if he hasn't contacted you already.

  • Pregame starts 90 minutes prior to game time, it is not required to be there, but highly  suggested.  Otherwise be there 30 minutes prior to game time and walk in with the    crew.

  • If you do go to the pregame, just be a fly on the wall.  Do not interrupt the officials unless they ask you to participate.

  • Dress appropriately.  Official's are required to dress professionally upon arrival to the game.  i.e. Polo and Khakis 

  • Stay out of the team area on the sidelines.

  • Deflect any questions from coaches/team personnel on the sideline to the crew on the field.  Do not give your opinion to anyone about the officiating on the field.  You cannot quote silence.

  • Go with the crew at half time to reconcile any issues that might have come up in the 1st half.

  • Join the post game in the locker room to discuss the game.  He is where it is appropriate to ask questions and learn.

  • Give the foul report to the Referee.

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