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Utah High School Football

Officials Association 


Fouls & Penalties - The Raw Basics

Penalty Administration

2023 NFHS Revised Penalty Enforcement

2023 Overtime Rules Highlights - UHSAA

2022 Clinic - Demonstration videos

2022 Clinic - Referee mechanics

2022 Clinic - Umpire mechanics

2022 Clinic - Wing mechanics

2022 Clinic - Back Judge mechanics

Force w/Bob Milam 

25/40 Second Play Clock w/Bob Milam 

35 Point Mercy Rule w/Bob Milam 

PI and Def Holding w/Bob Milam 

Trys and Field Goals w/Bob Milam 

Free Kicks w/Bob Milam 

Defenseless Players w/Bob Milam 

UHSAA Overtime Rules w/Bob Milam 

Penalty Enforcement w/Bob Milam 

Punts w/Bob Milam 

Numbering Rules w/Bob Milam 

Momentum Rule and Philosophy 

Blindside Blocks

Illegal Contact/Illegal Use of Hands

40 Second Play Clock

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